Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Each month, I host a Challenge over at Scraps Of Darkness  called the Stalker Challenge. This month's challenge invites the participants to stalk the internet or their files for one of those images they have always wanted to create something with, but haven't found the venue for, and create a Gothic Arch with it.  I have scanned in a copy of the templates for the different styles of arches. Just print them out on some heavy card stock and you have a set of templates for your scrap art arsenal. (Be sure to click on the image, and get the larger sized image that will print out onto a 8.5 x 11 size sheet to give you the correct arch size. Then hit Ctrl and the P on your keyboard to send it to the printer).  I just love pushing people out of their comfort zone, and getting them to try new things, and the girls are always such good sports about it, and come up with some really amazing works of art. I hope that you will join us!

The Rules:
1. Use at least 50 % Scraps of Darkness product. This can be kit product or store product.
2. Stalk the internet or your files for one of those images you love, but haven't found a venue for yet.
3. Use a piece of chipboard
4. Use a piece of paper bag somewhere on your arch
5. The most important rule of all-HAVE FUN!!

Here Are The Templates:

Here is my example for the challenge:


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Such a cool challenge!

Sharon (Fritchey) said...

Such a cool challenge, Renea! I can't wait to do mine!!!!!!!