Embossed ChipBoard Tutorial

You will need:
1. A piece of Chipboard (yes you can do this)
2. Clear Embossing Ink
3. Ink, paint, or gesso
4. Embossing Powder(s)
5. Heat Gun

Step 1:

Apply your base layer of ink, paint or gesso ( you do not have to do this step, it just creates a uniform color if you miss any spots)

Step 2:

Press your chipboard, color side down, into your clear embossing ink (I think I need a new pad-man that one looks rough-can you tell I use it a lot-lol!)

Step 3:

Coat your chipboard with embossing powder (be sure to put a piece of paper under it, so that you can transfer your powder back into the bottle easily)

Step 4:

Tap off excess powder.
Step 5:

Then heat embossing ink with your heat gun to set it and give it that nice raised look.
You can stop here and add bling or any other deco your heart desires or,

Step 6:

Take a clear stamp (well mine used to be clear  :))) Press it into the clear embossing ink and randomly stamp your chipboard.

Step 7:

Cover with another color of embossing powder or mica. Heat it up with the heat gun
add some bling or decoration and you have a gorgeous multi-color and texture piece of chipboard!

Hope you guys enjoyed this technique, now break out that chipboard and create something beautiful with it!! ~ Renea