Cracked Glass Tutorial

I was looking through a Stamper's Sampler Magazine, and I saw the beautiful work of Jennifer Roach. She had used this technique to get the look of broken glass on her images, and I just loved the way it looked. There was not a tutorial, but there were some vague instructions. So I played around with what I thought she had done to get the look and this is what I came up with. It is very simple and requires just a few steps, repeated a few times.

What You Will Need:

*Heat Gun
*Clear Embossing Ink
*Ultra Thick Clear Embossing Enamel
*Image of your choice

 Step One:

Take your image and press it into the Clear Embossing Ink Pad. Make sure you coat the entire surface.

 Step Two:

I poured my Ultra Thick Clear Embossing Enamel into a plastic bowl, to make it easier to work with, and placed image top side up into bowl.

 Step Three:

Press image into Ultra Thick Clear Embossing Enamel, coating the entire surface.

 Step Four:

Use heat gun to heat the embossing enamel up and melt it onto the image. Be careful to move the heat gun around so that you do not burn the image. 


 Step Five:

 Repeat the above four steps, 5 to 6 times until you have a nice, thick coat.

 Step Six:

Let image cool completely, then gently bend and break the enamel in places to resemble broken glass. 

*You can ink over the top with distress ink to highlight the broken edges. 
*Do not use stain or runny inks, because they will run under the enamel and ruin the image.

Here is my finished layout using this technique:

 I just love the old, Vintage look that this technique gave to my image for this layout!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial as well! ~Renea


NYScrapMom said...

Wow Renea!! This is an amazing technique! Thank you so much for writing this tutorial! Did you know you have influenced around $200 of my scrapbook supply purchases? Starting with the Astrid Farnsworth Tutorial...I had to get all the punches and everything else to make that flower and I'm so glad I did! You really sparked my creativity and imagination! Thanks again! Oh and btw...I love your new profile pic! You are so pretty and you have the most radiant glow! ~your grateful follower~ Amanda

Beth said...

Great tutorial,love the look. Getting ready to use my May Scraps of Elegence kit and this will work great on my daughter's dance photos!

EFI said...

Wooow!!!! Thank you so much for your great tutorial!!!

Libby said...

Wow!! This is so cool! What a great technique. I'll have to give this a try. TFS :)

48SixTime said...

Wow....this is an amazing technique! Thank you for the instructions!

TodayLibrary said...

Wonderful technique....looks so cool. Sincerely, Elaine Rico (todaylibrary on YouTube)

Sharon Harris said...

Amazing! I never would have thought of this! You are a fabulous inspiration

Sharon Harris said...

Amazing! I never would have thought of this! You are a fabulous inspiration

Carrie Williams said...

This is so gorgeous, Renea! Tfs!