Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Rose Garden Fairy Tea Cup~

I love to create miniatures!! They remind me so much of my childhood and creating miniatures with my Pawpaw. To me there is nothing more magical than creating a "little world" of my own.

I started with a Reneabouquets 
that I put together, and then stuffed with some Teddy Bear Fluff, so that I could start my layering.
Beautiful Board Medium Brick Element, emptied out almost all of the bricks to leave a skeleton, and made the background wall for my fairies garden. I added sand texture and some 
Rose Gold Microbeads to the bricks that I left in place. I added some Pink Sorbet Mini Roses
to simulate roses growing up the wall. 
Next, I tucked in a Watercolor Rose Garden Fairy Double Side Printed Die Cut, and added some glitter paint accents to the front side.

I used flowers from the following flower sets to add to the garden theme:
Spring Green Roses & Leaves
I then dangled a little Fairy Trinket over the edge of the cup.

I used Bridesmaid Lace  on the Saucer, and then added some flowers from the following sets:

I added the sweet little moon Fairy Trinket to the bottom flowers, and popped a little piece of bling onto the top.

These little tea cups are so much fun to make!! I love that you end up with a sweet little miniature that you can view from all sides and use to decorate your home, child's room, party or wedding shower with!!

Thank you for stopping by and indulging my love for all things miniature!! I hope that you get to create something that reminds you of the ones you love when you get some crafting time. Hugs ~Renea

Products Used From and the Reneabouquets Etsy:


HappyScrappin said...

This is so creatively Gorgeous!! Would have never thought to put the bricks behind the saucer to imitate a wall garden. Fabulous!! Hugs ~~ Mary L

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