Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Create A Christmas Card While You Get Ready to Head Out The Door~

As we head into the busy Holiday Season, I have less and less time to create! Between family, designing, manufacturing and packaging new products for my Reneabouquets Shops, I just don't have a spare moment!!
So here is the scenario:
You are about to start getting ready to head to a friends or families party or dinner, and you realize you need a nice card and you would love for it to be one that you created, not one of those grab and go cards from the convenience store.
Create one as you are getting ready, and here is how:
Grab a shower, then

Grab a really nice quality 12 x 12 sheet of scrapbooking paper. I used the a piece from the Blue Fern Studios Vintage Christmas 2 Paper Collection. Cut it in half , leaving you with a 6 x 12 Inch piece.
Score it in half, forming a 6 x 6 Card. Take the other half, cut it in half and heavily distress the edges, and add some Reneabouquets Diamond Chunky Glitter Glass for a nice icy look and set aside to dry.

When you use a nice quality, double side paper, you have a really nice finished out inside, like this one.

Use the other half  of the paper that you are making the cover with, distress the edges and add it to the back side of the card.

Cut a sentiment from your paper stash, take a paint brush and brush on some Ranger Texture Paste.
While all of this is drying, go dry your hair, style it and apply your makeup.

Come back add the glitter edged paper to the card, run some Reneabouquets Bridesmaid Lace across the bottom, add your glittered snowflake to the base, attach to the front of the card. Take some foam tape and add a Reneabouquets Printed Beautiful Board Small Victorian Winter Die Cut In Frosty Pink. Add a leftover piece of the lace to the top of the card.

Add Reneabouquets a Winter White Poinsettia, and some holly leaves, a
Reneabouquets Red Mini Rose to the bottom, and repeat some flowers at the top. Brush the Pink & White Roses with some of the Texture Paste Sprinkle with silver glitter.
Remember a little glitter in your hair , on your clothes and mixed in with your makeup looks amazing at this time of year-LOL!!
While that is drying, pull on your clothes, grab the card and out the door you go with a wonderful, heart felt, handcrafted card in your hand!!!
Reneabouquets Products were designed to make crafting, fun and original while giving you details , dimensions and textures that make creating a breeze!!
 I hope you enjoy your Holiday Season!! Thanks for stopping by!! Hugs ~Renea

 Items used on this project that you can find at and in the Reneabouquets Etsy:

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Melissa Larson said...

Fantastic tutorial! I started cracking up with the go style your hair and apply make up!!