Monday, July 28, 2014

Bellelive Blog Tour Nomination

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog!!  Today I have something very exciting going on here at My Glitter Coated Life! I have been nominated by one of my so very FABulous scrappy friends Lisa Novogrodski (aka Raining)  to join this Bellelive Blog Tour! If you haven't ever gotten the chance to meet Lisa or check out her amazing work, you can do so here:

Lisa is one of my scrappy sisters over at Scraps Of Darkness and Scraps Of Elegance, and we are also behind the scenes friends. I love Lisa's down to earth personality, and that I know I can go to here at any time and she will be there for me. Giving me open and honest advice, and I love her so much for that!! On top of being a beautiful friend, she creates beautiful art as well. She has a very feminine style and loves punches and dies and you will always see that in her work.
I love that with this blog hop, we get the opportunity to get to know new artisitacally talented bloggers that we might not get the chance to meet otherwise. To get to see their styles, and to learn about their techniques and what they are doing and working on.

OK, I was given four questions that all the participants would need to answer before they nominated three other bloggers to continue the tour. I am going to answer my questions below, and then lead you to three other talented artists, that I have selected to introduce you to.

Question One: What are you working on?

I always have a lot going on, in my scrap room so here is a sneaky of layout that I am working on for Scraps Of Elegance. The Design Team is being featured for August and I have a layout put together for and this is just a hint of what is to come in full:

And here is a Sneaky of a mini album that I am working on for Scraps Of Elegance:

I spent the weekend drawing and designing some new items for my Reneabouquets Etsy Shop and Store, and the following is a dragonfly that I am hoping to get finished up and on this week:

Question Two: How does your work differ from others in this genre?
I have been creating since a really early age. So many people in my life were creative and artistic, and I just thought living that way was a part of life. Because I have had my lifetime of creating experiences, and exposure to so many different mediums and outlets that it would be impossible to list them all, I think that what makes my work my own, is the fact that I bring all that experience, and love of different mediums into my work. I love texture and depth and you will always see that in my pieces. I love different styles, but having grown up in the country and poor, I tend to love things that have a Shabby, rustic, worn look to them and I also bring that into my work. 

Question Three: Why do you create what you do? 
The process of creation is as necessary to me as breathing, so I create out of the need to get what is inside my head, outside my being. I also love running my Reneabouquets Etsy Shop and store, so I create to provide items for them as well. 

Question Four: How does your creative process work?
It usually starts with some type of inspiration. I am inspired by just about anything visual, and find myself creating inside my head constantly. I then just get to work on a project and let it take shape surrounding what I had in my head. So many of my butterflies and dragonflies are inspired by my daily walks and hikes out in nature. So many of my layouts are inspired by a photograph, a piece of paper or embellishment, pieces of art or home decor.  Most of my off the page work is inspired by my love of collecting trinkets and treasures, and usually features cubbies, or places you can tuck and hide items.

Now, you get to meet my 3 super talented nominees:

Up first is my scrappy sister Karen Zueger-Brownell also known as LostCoast Scrapper. Karen is also one of my Design Team mates at Scraps Of Darkness. Karen has a very unique layering style, and she does masculine and Steampunk work that leaves me drooling. On top of being such a talented artist, she also has a super cool, hippy chic personality that is so refreshing and always makes me smile. You can check out Karen's Blog here:
Lost Coast Scrapper

When I was asked to do this blog tour, I immediately thought of Helena Johansson. Helena is one of my Swedish scrappy friends, and I have had the honor of working with her on the Scraps Of Elegance Design Team, and I love her unique style. She always comes up with the most gorgeous designs, and she scraps her children and life in just a breathtaking way.  I would also like to mention that Helena is one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. You can find her inspiration here:
Wileas Scrap

OK I had a 3rd nominee lined up, but she backed out at the last minute, so I decided to just wing it, and introduce you to one my Reneabouquets Design Team members Jane Klindworth. Jane is one of the most amazingly sweet people, I have ever met. She does YouTube videos and is followed by some of the most wonderful subbies ever. Jane creates with her own flare, and her personality makes us all fall in love with her every time we watch her. 
You can check out Jane's Blog here:
Lady & The Stamp

You can check out Jane's YouTube Channel here:

Thank you so much for coming by for this blog tour! I am always grateful for your visits and hope you find lot's of inspiration from all the artists. Hugs ~Renea


lost coast scrapper said...

Hi Sweetness! This is so fun..I jut love the sneek peeks of your projects and can't wait to see them!! xo

Lizzy Wurmann G. said...

I really enjoyed reading your answers and your nominees Renea. I love your work, you are a real talent!! TFS!!